Wednesday, November 8, 2017


The Electricity
it from the water and rock and the sun and Air 
but when we don't have a Electricity
The world is dark .
but the sun is can be a electricity too
and the air 
but The stones can be gone.

Thursday, October 26, 2017


    Friday 27 September  2017                                      my migration story

         This is my migration story is 
          about one girl she name is kellen
         she is from Sweden she migrate 
          to London because she want to 
        Learn more English . And next 
     or so she go to London she don't 
          have any friend in London 
          and she scared and  be alone .
         but one day she think she gonna 
           make friend and she did she 
         go to school by bus and she find 
         someone she is new  student  she name is 
          Nena kin is coming and same grade and                 class    is coming and same grade and 
       Nena from Sweden too . but  Nena and Kellen Best Friend .but 2 or 3 year ago Kellen's visa                  gonna expires.but she don't want to came back to Sweden because she very like London .
                                             ( THE END)

Thursday, October 5, 2017


                       This is my Thailand passport I think every country have a passport because went your don't have a passport your can't  go another country and it is a Migration of  passport.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Reading Responses

                                My Reading response

today i reading about the dot and we share to reading together with class.

And last time for I see her and  I read the book with my buddy
and now i didn't see her because her sick and her not went to school  today and i want to read the book with my buddy  again .

Look like know i have to reading a book every night the book it name is E J 12 it about sleepover .And i reading at School it name is Secret kingdom Starlight Adventure 3 girl


Market Day

                                                          Market Day
On Market day we sell pop corn because it easy to make and not much time to make and many people like popcorn .  we do the popcorn my popcorn name is smile popcorn.
And I yell and i faint. And the nurse go to call my mom to get back home.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

My buddy

                                                          My buddy
My buddy said that she from Sweden. And then I ask her how old are you because, I didn't know how old she was. And then I told her how many member on her family and she said there are  4 members. Next have told her a question i told her is when is her birthday her said 6 or 7  June is her birthday .she said she like to eat pizza .

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Math About Me


I just do about  put number about me now.

And i find my magic number.that day i think about my math  i think about  it not make send . And now i’m like my magic number because it 3 thing in my magic number. I think operation to find

it.I like to do math and… i just make something it happen for i got the number i look like happy :) :) . I make it happen to the number .I have operation you to find it okay this for i got a little bit  thank .